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The Coming of the King

Most blessed.

An angel appeared to Mary who loved God very much. The angel told her that she was most blessed by God because he had chosen her for a very special job. She was going to have a baby. Mary couldn’t understand how this could happen as she wasn’t married yet. But with God all things are possible. The angel told her that her cousin Elizabeth was also pregnant even though she was too old. Mary told the angel she was God's servant and that she would have a baby if that was His plan. 


Mary then hurried to visit her cousin Elizabeth in the hillside. When the two women saw each other, the baby in Elizabeth’s tummy jumped and bumped about because it was very happy to know another baby was coming. Mary then sang praises to God and stayed with Elizabeth for a short time before going home to Nazareth.

Luke 1 

The Count

About the same time as Mary found out she was to have a baby, Caesar Augustus asked for everyone in his Roman Empire to be counted. 

Luke 2


What to do.

Joseph was already engaged to be married to Mary but when he found out she was pregnant, he panicked and didn't know what to do. Should he break of the engagement? Who was the father? How could this have happened. 


So God sent an angel to him to explain. The angel told Joseph not to be afraid and to take Mary as his wife because the baby was from God. The baby would be a boy who would save everyone from their sins, and that his name was Jesus.


Joseph listened to what the angel had said and did not break his engagement to Mary and instead married her.

Matthew 1

The donkey.

Joseph was from the family of David so he went to Bethlehem to be counted according to the census. Mary was now his wife, so she went also.

Luke 2


No room.

When Joseph and Mary arrived in Bethlehem they couldn't find anywhere to stay. All the rooms were already taken.

Luke 2


Unto us.

The time came for the baby to be born. Joseph and Mary found a stable, and when Jesus was born they wrapped him in strips of cloth and laid him in a manger. 

Luke 2

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